Burning Issues Exchange

This session will offer all attendees the ability to participate in (2) two 45-minute round table discussions. Each round table will have an assigned “burning issue” to discuss with your peers attending this event. The same four discussion topics will be offered in both round one and round two, allowing participants to participate in (2) two topics of their choosing.
The Topics for 2024 are: 

Managing up refers to the practice of actively working to understand and meet the needs and preferences of one’s supervisor or higher-level colleagues in order to build a positive working relationship, facilitate communication, and ultimately make the working dynamic more effective. It involves proactively anticipating their expectations, aligning your work and communication style with their preferences, and providing them with the necessary support and information to help them succeed in their role. Managing up can also involve advocating for your own needs and priorities in a respectful and constructive manner. Overall, it’s about fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your supervisor or higher-ups to enhance productivity and collaboration within the organization. What does managing up look like for you and your role on a daily basis? How does this help and hinder your growth as a company leader? 


Since 2018, several trends have influenced the evolution of the corporate workplace, including, but not limited to: Remote work & team management, digital transformation, a renewed focus on employee well-being and flexibility, agile and collaborative workspaces, and the rise of gig economy.  How has your workplace evolved since you entered the workforce? What do you like best? What new challenges have you faced?

“Failing forward” is a concept that emphasizes the importance of viewing failure as a valuable learning experience and an opportunity for growth and progress. Instead of being discouraged or deterred by failure, failing forward means leveraging setbacks as steppingstones toward success. This may include learning from mistakes, continuing to adapt and innovate, building your resilience and persistence, and iterating towards solutions. When/where has your team/company failed and did you fail forward? (If not, It’s not too late!)

As a rising leader in your company, you’re positioned between two large demographic groups with vastly different needs and expectations of convenience stores. Gen Z demands digital innovation, prioritizing personalization, and creating memorable experiences. Statistically speaking, they drink less alcohol, they smoke less tobacco, and they drive less – nearly 180* from the Baby Boomer / legacy customers whose needs helped shape convenience offers today. As elder Z/ millennial/gen X leaders, how can we uniquely help balance business today and growth for the future?

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Sunday to Wednesday
December 23 to 26, 2022
467 Davidson ave
Los Angeles CA 95716